Did you know that many of your customers are pirates?


What are your rates for your DMCA services and what do I get?


Our rates start as low as $1800.00 yearly per website depending on the size of your site and the amount of piracy that needs to be deleted.


We create your DMCA letter, we search for your files, we send out your DMCA letters, we send you copies of all deletion notices. We also search for stolen passwords for your site. We also give multi site discounts. 


Questions DMCA512.us is asked often.


How many hours a week do you work?


1. We work 10 hour days five days a week.


How do you know which files are mine?


2. We ask that you give us a username & password to your site so we can study your videos and images. After that it is easy for us to spot your files. If in doubt we will always contact you.


Do you offer an affiliate program and if so how much can I earn and how long do I have to wait to be paid?


3. Yes we do, we call it a new client program and we pay you up to $300.00 in the currency of your choosing.


Once we receive the payment in full from the new client you have sent to us, we will send your payment by Certified Check within 30 days.

Note: this is a one time payment.


Do you have a refund policy?


4. At this time we do not offer any refunds as we are a service providers who put in a tremendous amount of work to search for your stolen content. 

Note: It can take us up to 30 days to get to know your content before we start sending off your dmca letters.



DMCA512.us makes no guarantees that the files will be deleted as some countries do not have DMCA laws.

We have the right to terminate any account with no refunds should we receive repeated harassment or cyberbullying emails after asking that they cease. We will also contact that persons ISP and file a report with them as cyber harassment is against the law.

© 2019 DMCA512.us is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice.

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