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My name is Jim and I am the owner of DMCA512.us

Just a little about me, I am 55 years old, I am married with children.

I have been a dmca copyright agent for 13 years online and before that I was a research director for a large international search firm for 18 years.

I have several college degrees and I am an expert in writing encryption software.

Here is what my company and my staff can do for your company.

What we do for our clients is search for their stolen files 24/7 365 days a year. We carbon copy or CC our clients on all dmca letters we send out as well as all of the emails that show the deletions of their files.

We search for our clients files in 55 different languages as pirates are in many different countries.

We have in house software that I have developed to help aid in finding the rips as well as we spend lots of time in the forums and tube sites looking in person as we both know that many times your files are mislabeled on purpose by the pirates in hopes that it will never be found.



My clients refer to me as a pitbull on steriods.


References given upon request.

We charge a low rate of $1500.00 US per year for clients websites, if you have multiple sites we will reduce our rates and give you a package deal.

Contact us today so we can get started deleting your Site rips.

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